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The expert named the most invigorating drinks

Natural drinks can be a worthy substitute for coffee. Besides, they are much more useful.

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Coffee is considered to be the most tonic drink. No wonder, because caffeine has a strong tonic effect. But other, more useful herbal drinks can also provide a charge of vital energy for the day. Ilya Puida, an expert in the production of herbal drinks, told about them.

"Rhodiola rosea can help reduce stress levels and boost energy levels. It contains a number of organic acids, including gallic, oxalic and amber, as well as tannins, which give vigor," the specialist noted.

Also, ginseng, ginger, rosemary will help to cheer up the body. They should be brewed in boiling water, like ordinary tea, but before drinking the drink should be infused for at least 10 minutes. The expert clarified that the listed plants can be brewed both in their own form (separately or mixed), and add them to any tea, thus enriching the usual drink with new flavors.

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