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Benefits of beet: 3 reasons to include them in your diet

The brightly colored vegetable is extremely beneficial for the brain, stomach, and figure.

Beets are one of the most popular vegetables. Many dishes - borscht, herring under a fur coat, vinaigrette... - are unthinkable without it. However, beets deserve attention not only because of their flavor - they are also very useful:

It helps you lose weight

Slim waist.

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Beets are low in calories, so they are present in many diets. In addition, it has a lot of coarse fiber - they improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, which also contributes to the formation of a beautiful figure.

Gives strength

Drinking beet juice increases stamina and eliminates the feeling of weakness. According to animal studies, beet juice increases blood flow to the extremities, thus increasing overall stamina.



Beets contain betalain - this substance frees the body from toxins (by the way, it is also responsible for the bright pink color of the vegetable). Betalain is involved in the formation of glutathione, the most active antioxidant. Release from toxins improves the functioning of the body as a whole, improving GI activity, brain activity and male health.

It is worth noting that beets are best consumed in processed form. Excessive consumption of raw vegetable can cause nausea, heartburn. People suffering from ulcers or gastritis should consume beets only in boiled or baked form.