, author: Ermakova M.

The trichologist warned against washing your hair with shower gel

Using hygiene products for other purposes, according to a specialist, is harmful to the skin.

Photo source: 123rf.com

Washing your hair is a procedure that requires not only regularity, but also careful, correct execution. You should only take care of your scalp and hair using products designed specifically for this purpose. However, some people sometimes neglect this rule by using shower gel or soap instead of shampoo. Trichologist Anastasia Tikhonova explained what this means:

“Such products create a film on the surface of the hair shaft, which is not washed off with hard water, causing the hair to become unruly,” she noted in an interview with a correspondent from Gazeta.ru.

Refusal from products specifically designed for hair provokes itching and a feeling of greasy hair even after washing, and prolonged replacement of shampoo with other cosmetics, according to the expert, can lead to alopecia, since improper care puts the hair follicles “in a state of rest.”