, author: Ermakova M.

Let's pass by: 3 products that are best avoided in winter

Their excessive consumption will only add inches to your waist, not strength and health.

Tasty and warming - this is how food should be on the winter menu. However, doctors and supporters of a healthy lifestyle have a different opinion on this matter - not everything that we cannot imagine a winter diet without is equally useful:

Mulled wine

Non-alcoholic mulled wine

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A fragrant, warming drink that changes the atmosphere of any evening for the better. What's wrong with him? The fact is that the mulled wine recipe contains wine... We think further explanation is unnecessary. In addition, various spices are certainly added to the drink - their use causes stomach pain and provokes attacks of ulcers and gastritis. Therefore, people with gastrointestinal diseases are not recommended to drink mulled wine.


Of course, one cup of cocoa a day will not cause significant damage to the body. But lovers of the aromatic chocolate drink are not recommended to add large amounts of sugar to it. All three ingredients of cocoa (chocolate, milk, sugar) turn the drink into a calorie bomb, which makes it undesirable for people who are overweight or have diabetes. A drink made with water, with little or no sugar, will be much healthier.

Cookies, gingerbread

Delicious butter cookies with the aroma of spices, fresh gingerbread cookies in glaze... - such a dessert is difficult to refuse, besides, tasty and high-calorie food can warm you up in the cold. However, you should be careful with cookies, gingerbread and other baked goods in winter - such products contain a lot of sugar and fat, which means that their abuse leads to weight gain. And the pancreas is unlikely to be grateful to you after a large sweet meal - baking significantly overloads this organ (especially in the presence of chronic diseases).

Of course, you don’t need to completely give up all of the above and forever cross out your favorite foods from the menu. It is enough to reduce their consumption or slightly change the recipe - this will already make your winter diet more healthy and balanced, but at the same time no less warming and “cozy”.