, author: Ermakova M.

Against the flu: top products that will help you avoid getting sick

Cold season is in full swing, but proper nutrition will help you get through it as easily as possible.

Vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system are very important for the body in winter. They can be obtained from medications, but such vitamins are absorbed by the body slowly and not completely. The “delivery” of nutrients to the body from food will be much faster and more effective:

Fruits and vegetables

Vegetable salad.

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It’s trite, but true - plant foods consumed daily provide the lion’s share of vitamins. Vitamin C (eg citrus fruits, kiwi, peppers), vitamin A (carrots, bell peppers, sweet potatoes) and vitamin E (almonds, sunflower oil) are particularly beneficial.


Cheese, milk, sour cream, etc. are sources of protein, without which the formation of immunity is impossible.


Cold pickled garlic

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Has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is equally effective both as a preventive measure and as a means of combating a cold that has already begun.


Beef with prunes in a slow cooker

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This type of meat is rich in zinc. Zinc plays an important role in maintaining immunity. Consumption of foods containing zinc promotes the active formation of lymphocytes - cells responsible for immunity. Their low production makes the body vulnerable to various viruses and bacteria.


Oddly enough, water also helps strengthen the body's defenses. During illness (and by and large, always) it is important to drink clean water. It removes bacteria, toxins and viruses from the body. And everyone knows that drinking plenty of fluids when you have a cold helps lower your body temperature and reduce the intensity of your cough.



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The tasty nut contains fat-soluble vitamin E. Although it usually loses out to ascorbic acid when it comes to preventing colds, all remedies are good. So let's not forget that this antioxidant is another key to a healthy immune system. It increases the activity of immune cells, allowing the body to resist viral attacks.