, author: Ermakova M.

Safe and sound: how to keep your figure during the New Year holidays

Many people put a lot of effort into building something for the New Year. A few tips to help ensure the fruits of your labor don’t go to waste:

The week of New Year's holidays becomes a real test for supporters of a healthy lifestyle. How to stay slim during the cheerful, well-fed and slightly lazy post-New Year days? Very simple:

Don't overeat


Try to eat small portions. Don't give up your favorite foods, just reduce the amount of food you consume. Try to eat more slowly, enjoying the taste. So the feeling of fullness will come much faster.


diet food

Sandwiches with caviar and all kinds of salads are, of course, very tasty, but don’t forget about fruits and vegetables. Complement your lunch with slices of fresh tomato, and prepare a fruit salad for an evening snack. The body will thank you for the vitamins.



Don't forget about physical activity! Go skiing, have a snowball fight with the kids, or just do some yoga. This helps muscles and ligaments remain elastic, improves blood circulation and improves mood.

Stay hydrated

woman holding a glass filled with water

Drink water (of course, still, unsalted and unsweetened). It will not only improve the functioning of all internal organs, but also moderate appetite. By washing down your food with water, you will eat much less than without water.

Get enough sleep

girl waking up stretching arms on the bed

Try to set aside enough time for sleep and rest during the New Year holidays. This will relieve the body of stress, which usually leads to uncontrollable outbreaks of appetite. Getting enough sleep will give you strength and energy that you will want to spend on active activities rather than sitting at a desk.

Do not abuse

Women in elegant dresses

Reduce the amount of alcohol (Note - excessive drinking is harmful to health). Alcoholic drinks are quite high in calories because most of them contain large amounts of sugar. In addition, alcohol provokes a feeling of hunger, and after drinking a glass or two, you will eat more than usual.