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Get into a work rhythm: 5 energizing foods

An easy and delicious way to set yourself up for productivity after a long rest.

The holidays have once again been replaced by working days, but the body has not yet had time to adapt to the new (well forgotten old) mode. The simplest products will help to keep it energized and energize - they give us energy and stimulate brain activity:


This tasty beverage improves concentration, tones and lifts your mood, as it contains caffeine and theobromine, which have a mildly invigorating effect. The endorphins produced by cocoa beans will help you perform everyday tasks quickly and with pleasure.


Girl with a glass.

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Ordinary water, oddly enough, can help you start the workday on a positive note. Often it is dehydration that causes weakness and apathy. So drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach, and periodically replenishing the water balance throughout the day (just have a small bottle of clean water on your desk and drink as needed) is what you need to stay active.

Citrus fruits


Oranges, tangerines and all sorts of drinks with their addition also contribute to the charge of vivacity. These fruits are full of vitamin C, which prevents inflammation in the body, which means that colds will not confuse you and will not take away your strength. In addition, the sweetness and freshness of citrus fruits always gives a good mood.


They activate the brain, helping it to "wake up" after a long holiday relaxation. Thanks to their vegetable fat content, a few walnuts a day will provide you with a long-lasting supply of energy and satisfy your hunger for a long time.


This type of greens has a lot of iron, the lack of which is manifested by fatigue, muscle weakness, sleepiness. By adding spinach to a vegetable salad or omelet, you will make your meal not only more vitaminized, but also more energetically rich.