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6 tips for adapting to jet lag

You can get used to everything, but this, in any case, will take time. We’ll tell you how to learn to live in a different time zone as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

If you are planning to travel to a part of the world where the time zone is significantly different from your usual one, you need to start preparing for this in advance. Changing time zones is a real challenge for the human body. To avoid jetlag (an ailment that occurs during the process of adapting to a different time zone), just follow these simple tips:

Sleep earlier

At dawn.

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Seven to ten days before your trip, begin to gradually change your bedtime, moving it in the right direction by 15-30 minutes every day. This way, the body will quickly get used to the need to fall asleep much earlier or later.

Quitting coffee

Try to completely eliminate caffeine-rich drinks from your diet: coffee itself, green and strong black tea, cocoa, various energy cocktails. All of these are powerful stimulants that prevent the body from functioning according to its natural needs and daily routine.

Life in a new time

Upon arrival, try to immediately follow the local time, so the body will adapt to it in a much shorter time with a minimum of unpleasant consequences.

The connection between nutrition and time

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It is important to be able to adjust your eating habits to the time in which you will exist. If you are in a different time zone, eat based on local time rather than your usual time.

Exercise stress

Light physical activity will help you cheer up during the period of adaptation to different times. There is no need to be overly zealous; jogging a short distance or a dozen squats is enough.

Sleep breaks

At the first stage of life under the new time, use short (15-20 minutes) sleep breaks during the day. If you feel very sleepy, do not fight it, but set the alarm for 15 minutes and fall asleep. This short nap will give you strength and help you feel better. Don't ignore your body's signals, listen to them.