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A doctor has spoken out about the dangers of pediatric concussion syndrome

Infant concussion syndrome occurs in infants as a result of careless rocking and tossing. Tatyana Timofeevna Batysheva, Chief Outside Specialist in Pediatric Neurology at the Moscow City Health Department, talks about its dangers.

Often young parents (especially dads) play with their infants by tossing them and/or rocking them vigorously. At first glance, there is no danger in this, but the media has covered more than one case of a child receiving a concussion as a result of strong rocking or "flying" in the air with landing in the hands of an adult. Medics unanimously say that such careless treatment of newborns is absolutely impossible. Tatyana Batysheva, a specialist in pediatric neurology at the Moscow Department of Public Health, joins them. In her Telegram-channel she told in detail what such games can lead to. They are increasingly becoming the cause of infant concussion syndrome.

"If a two-month-old baby literally "flies" in the air, this is not gentle "infantile" gymnastics, this is a huge danger!

Infant concussion syndrome is a complex of serious disorders that occur in a child as a result of such careless handling.

From year to year at neurological congresses and symposiums, my colleagues and I deal with these cases, unfortunately, too frequent," - said the specialist.

Batysheva drew the attention of readers to the fact that as a result of such tossing can cause cerebral hemorrhage. At the very beginning of life, babies have very fragile blood vessels, and neck muscles are still weak, i.e. it is especially difficult to keep the head in a straight position. Rehabilitation of a baby after a brain injury can be very long and laborious


Crying baby.

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Batysheva listed the manifestations of pediatric concussion syndrome, noticing which you should immediately seek medical attention:

- drowsiness;

- refusal to eat;

- seizures;

- lethargy;

- respiratory distress;

- loss of consciousness;

- tearfulness

The expert strongly recommends parents to refuse to play with the child, which can cause such injuries, as well as not to shake babies while rocking.