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The five best fitness and health apps in 2024

If your 2024 goals include eating healthier, exercising more or sleeping better, check out these five mobile apps from the world of fitness.

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Lose weight, gain muscle mass, start eating right, live a healthy lifestyle - if any of the above are in your plans, or if you just love exercising and want to keep track of your health, our selection of fitness apps is for you. We took a look at some of the best apps for Android and Apple cell phones, and selected five apps based on their ease of use, price, and user experience.

1- Nike Training Club.

This is one of the most popular apps. The Nike app has been completely free since 2020 and offers over 100 exercise videos, some of which are live streamed. When a user downloads the app, the system asks them what exercises they are used to doing and what their goal is (to increase muscle mass, lose weight, or another reason). Based on the answers, a personalized daily routine is created and can be tracked


Fitness at home.

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2. Fitbit.

There's another very popular mobile app based on one of the industry's first "fitness devices". It's called FitBit, after the smart watch that became popular among runners and amateur athletes. The app is also free, but you must purchase a smart watch to use all of its features and synchronize both systems. Once synchronized, the app can track your physical activity, sleep, and heart rate. It also provides detailed information about your health and allows you to set daily goals.

Smart watch.

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3. FitOn.

In Forbes' ranking of the best apps, the FitOn tool received a 4.6 rating. This is the second place with the highest rating among hundreds of analyzed platforms. The plus point of this app is the availability of live classes from certified trainers. It also offers a meditation guide, nutrition tips such as how to cut down on sweets, and even tips on getting a good night's sleep. You have to pay for everything, though: the basic plan is $30 a year.

4. Calm.

Mental well-being and sleep are just as important as getting exercise, so we recommend installing the Calm app. This app has been on the wellness app market for several years and is available on iOS and Android. While it has some free features, such as calming sounds for falling asleep, a $5.83/month subscription allows you to unlock other features. You can take expert-led meditation courses and listen to soothing and inspiring stories before bed.

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5. BodyBuilding.

If you're looking for an effective way to get in shape quickly or build muscle mass, BodyBuilding is the recommended app. It offers workouts that last only a few minutes. They don't require a lot of equipment and are perfect for busy people who love to exercise. The app also includes recommendations for proper food choices, although it always suggests visiting a nutritionist before doing so if the user has any health conditions. Subscription is paid: $5.99 per month.