, author: Plackhin A.

Expert told about who should not take a dip in the ice-hole on Epiphany

Age and chronic health conditions are among the factors to consider when refraining from this holiday rite of passage.

Another favorite January holiday is approaching - Epiphany. Like other winter celebrations, it is filled with traditions and customs. One of them is bathing in an ice-hole. Every year on January 19, all Orthodox believers take a dip in the ice-hole. It is believed that in this way a person is cleansed of sins and completely renewed spiritually. However, from a medical point of view, this ritual is not recommended for everyone. In some cases it can lead to many unpleasant consequences or even end tragically.

Feldsher, manager of the boarding house "Warm Talks. Lyubertsy" Irina Gromova listed the categories of people who are better to refuse the traditional baptismal bathing in icy water:

"It is recommended to refrain from baptismal bathing in the ice-hole people over 60 years old. The specialist substantiated this with violations of heat exchange in the body of people of mature age. "When immersed in icy water, vessels reflexively narrow, which can cause an exacerbation of cardiovascular diseases. Among the contraindications are also endocrine disorders, problems with blood pressure and respiratory organs. In the elderly, the immune system is most weakened: after bathing in an ice-hole, infectious diseases (influenza, acute respiratory viral infections, pneumonia, etc.) may also worsen.


Irina Gromova also mentioned health-related nuances that are not only common to the elderly: "Reduced metabolism, muscle dysfunction under the influence of a sharp temperature difference can provoke brain disorders and even delirium - a condition in which it is difficult to adequately perceive reality. She specified that only fully healthy people over 60 years old can participate in traditional baptismal bathing. And reminded about the need to do it only in places where teams of rescuers and medics are on duty.