, author: Ermakova M.

Avoid: 7 Foods That Slow Recovery from a Cold

During the period of fighting a cold, it is necessary to adjust your diet so that the food is not too heavy and does not have bright, sharp tastes.

With the current frosts, it is very easy to catch a cold, but recovery requires effort and a lot of time. How to speed up the body's recovery? Let's reveal a secret: you just need to exclude some foods from your diet:

Sugar, sweets


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Avoid excess sugar intake, as it can suppress the immune system and worsen inflammation. In addition, sweet dishes, as a rule, are not enriched with vitamins, so such a meal will not bring any benefit to the body struggling with an illness.

Too fatty food

Cutlets “Mother-in-law’s recipe”

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This means everything fried, fast food. The body, weakened by illness, will spend too much energy on digesting such food, instead of directing it to attack viruses and infections.


Alcohol not only suppresses the immune system, but also provokes dehydration, and fluid is extremely important for the body during illness, since viruses and other pathogens come out of us along with water.


Viennese coffee

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It also causes dehydration. During a cold, it is better to drink clean water, weak tea and berry fruit drinks - these types of liquids most effectively replenish the water balance.

Spicy food

Spices and dishes with a burning taste irritate the mucous membrane of the throat, so it is better to refrain from consuming them.

Salty food

Avoid excess salt intake as this can lead to water retention in the body and worsen your overall health.