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An expert noted that women need more time to sleep than men do

8 hours, the optimal length of night's rest, is now considered insufficient for women.

Women need 9-10 hours of sleep for normal health, while men need 7-8 hours - this conclusion was announced by Dr. Patrick Flynn in his social networks. The hormone expert says that women need at least one extra hour of sleep, because lack of sleep stresses women much more than men. According to the doctor, this is due to differences in hormonal fluctuations in the male and female bodies.

Previously, researchers from the University of Michigan in the early two-thousand years analyzed the duration of sleep of the adult working-age population of the United States. The study found that women slept only 11 minutes longer than men. This is due to the fact that women spend much more time on household chores and other unpaid labor, they often wake up to give time to family members (such as a child). Naturally, this disrupts sleep and causes sleep deprivation.

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