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Sugar free: what is a sugar detox?

Who and why should stop eating sugar and products containing it, says the expert.

Not only doctors have been talking about the dangers of sugar and sweet foods lately. The number of people who carefully monitor their health is growing rapidly, and more and more often they voluntarily give up sugar. Is it really that effective, says Tamara Moseva, brand chef of the Warm Conversations boarding house chain:

“Unfortunately, often excess sugar can be hidden even in unobvious products, which is dangerous for health. Older people, in particular, need to pay special attention to the quality of the food basket and limit the amount of glucose consumed, since excessive amounts of this substance in the diet constitute potential threat to their health. A sugar detox means a deliberate reduction in the amount of sugar in the diet in order to improve the general condition of the body and reduce the risk of developing various diseases. In the modern world, its consumption has become a habit for many, since it is “hidden” in most positions from food basket,” says the expert.

What to avoid

At the supermarket.

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Tamara Moseva recommends paying attention to the composition of products, and not to their packaging.

“Elderly people who have metabolic problems and a predisposition to diabetes should pay attention to the composition of all types of canned food. Canned fruits and vegetables can become an invisible source of hidden sugar, since it is used as an enzyme during production.

Sugar is also present in ready-made sauces (for example, ketchup or barbecue), so people with cardiovascular problems should avoid dishes containing them. I advise you to carefully choose even seemingly healthy muesli and yoghurts, because they are also produced with the addition of large amounts of sugar. Its excess, in turn, affects teeth and bones - leads to the development of caries and weakening of bone tissue, and in older people these problems are most common,” she noted.

Excessive sugar consumption can worsen existing health problems and increase the risk of developing new diseases. That is why everyone needs to control the composition of the products in their daily diet and limit the amount of sweets in order to feel good for as long as possible.