, author: Plackhin A.

Trend food: what is a bowl and what are its benefits

On the menus of restaurants and cafes you can increasingly see the mysterious name "bowl". In reality, it is not just a sounding name for a dish, but something more.

According to an ancient legend, the bowl was invented by Buddha himself. It is not known exactly from what products he assembled it, but judging by the popularity of bowls among supporters of a healthy lifestyle today, the very first bowl was also very useful.

What it's made of

This dish is a combination of healthy foods served in a bowl ("bowl" literally translates as "cup" or "bowl").

The base of the bowl is always cereal. It is usually rice (but can be bulgur, buckwheat, pearl groats, couscous - something nutritious, rich in carbohydrates, but light, not overloading the stomach), on which other ingredients are placed: vegetables, cheese, meat/fish. They are not mixed with cereal, but eaten separately - so the body can more easily digest the food.

What is useful

Woman holding bowl

Everything ingenious is simple and obvious. Bowls are full of vegetables and fresh herbs, which are a source of vitamins and minerals that help us in every way possible: they strengthen our immune system, make our skin more beautiful and healthy, strengthen our heart muscle, and support our eyesight....

Meat or fish are rich in protein, which is essential for muscle growth and bone health. By eating them, we get the energy we need, which is generally used up more slowly than the energy we get from eating fast food or sweets.

Bowl preparation uses nuts and/or seeds (sesame, flax. Both contain vegetable fats that increase the level of "good" cholesterol in the body. And nuts also promote heart health and help you get through the period of avitaminosis more easily - a good reason to put bowls on your menu now). Bowl dressing can also include lemon juice, which is high in vitamin C, essential for a strong immune system and beautiful complexion.

Given the availability of the ingredients of the bowl, it can be easily prepared at home. Enjoy!