, author: Ermakova M.

Just calm down! 10 ways to reduce cortisol levels

With an overly active rhythm of life (it is active for everyone, one way or another), a stressful state is not uncommon. But it shouldn't be ignored.

Reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol is extremely important for your overall well-being and physical and mental health. We offer 10 ways to quickly and effectively relieve stress:

Calm breathing exercises

Deep breathing can reduce stress and cortisol levels. Breathe slowly and deliberately, noticing your body's response. Try to feel how your muscles relax as you exhale.

Regular exercise

Physical activity helps reduce stress and cortisol levels. However, avoid overexertion. Spend at least 30 minutes every day doing fitness, running, swimming or any other activity

Healing plants

Some plants, such as Rhodiola rosea or skullcap, can help combat stress and speed up falling asleep.

Healthy eating

diet food

Eating vegetables, fruits and fish on a regular basis effectively reduces stress levels.

Yoga and meditation practice

They help you relax physically and emotionally, relieve tension in your body and direct your thoughts in a positive direction. You can do them daily if you wish.

Full sleep

girl and guy sleeping

Insufficient sleep can lead to increased stress and cortisol levels, so it's important to get a regular night's rest.

Social connections

Communication with loved ones reduces cortisol levels, helping you feel needed and loved.

Reducing caffeine intake

Frequent coffee consumption increases cortisol levels. Reduce the amount of coffee you drink per day and stress will loosen its grip.


Electronic devices.

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Practicing pauses—disconnecting from digital devices—can reduce stress levels, as it can be difficult to remain calm when faced with a constant stream of information.

Hobbies and interests

man reading a book

Doing our favorite things, we feel calm and joy, so it is especially important to find time in everyday worries for what gives you these emotions.

Stay calm and stay healthy.