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, author: Plackhin A.

Why you can't use your phone as an alarm clock

Four reasons not to use your smartphone as an alarm clock. For example, the phone may run out of power or when you wake up you will definitely want to read the news, which will distract you from packing.

Smartphones have become an integral part of modern life, they do not leave your hands all day and even at night. That is why many people use the alarm clock on their phone, it seems convenient and practical, but only at first glance.

Why give up your smartphone as an alarm clock?

1. Running out of the battery. Any electronics tends to run out of power, if the smartphone is discharged, it pointless to wait for the alarm clock to ring. This happens even if you leave the device to charge overnight, because the electricity can be cut off.

2. Sleep disturbance. Rarely a person, who can settle down in bed without taking the smartphone in his hands to learn something new before going to sleep. As a result, the person gets stuck for a certain period of time, distracted from sleep and his rest becomes less qualitative.

3. Weak sound. The speakers on the smartphone will never be ringing, like on alarm clocks. In addition, the sounds produced by the smartphone are familiar to the person, during a sound sleep the melody may seem familiar.

4. Loss of time. Turning off the alarm clock after waking up, you want to quickly check your mail, read the news for the night and what's new with acquaintances and friends. This is a waste of time that could have been spent usefully.

Therefore, it is recommended to use real alarm clocks, preferably with a melody that grows in volume. Such devices will definitely never allow their owner to oversleep an important meeting.