, author: Ermakova M.

Drop has introduced a new keyboard that will make you feel like Sauron hims

New 60% black, gray and red mechanical keyboard with Black Speech keys.

Drop has unveiled a new Lord of the Rings inspired keyboard in collaboration with Middle-Earth Enterprises.

This is not the first themed keyboard model produced by the company, which has previously released products inspired by the gates of the mines of Moria and the two trees of Valinor. However, this new mechanical keyboard is the most distinctive, featuring broken swords and the famous One Ring.

For those looking for a more discreet option, the Black Speech Keyboard will also be available with a combination of grayscale keys. Each key has a high-quality finish, according to the manufacturer, and both versions of the keyboard feature Panda X switches.

In addition to the new keyboard models, Drop also offers several dark language key sets on its website. For those who aren't going to invest in a new keyboard, they will have the option to personalize the product they already have with official Lord of the Rings images.

In its catalog, the company also offers a special wrist rest with a dragon's eye in the center. To complete the customization, customers can purchase a special handmade key with a unique Ring surrounded by Mount Doom, or Lothlórien and Anduin reproductions, which cost $65.

Known for its collaborations, Drop also collaborates with companies such as Marvel and Noctua, among others. The new Lord of the Rings keyboards are available for pre-order for $149 with red accents and $130 with gray accents.