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, author: Plackhin A.

Dark Project ME4 flagship mouse was presented

The manufacturer of gaming peripherals Dark Project recommends a "weapon" with a clever design for professional gamers, ordinary players and people with any daily tasks.

The Dark Project ME4 stands out for the following features:

  • An accurate Pixart 3395 sensor that operates at up to 650 IPS and withstands acceleration up to 50g (490 m/s) without stalling. The sensor reaches a sub-micron resolution of 26,000 CPI and has a bounce height of just 1mm, eliminating false movements in active games.
  • The lightweight and rugged design - weighing 77 grams - reduces strain on the hand and helps better control the scope.
  • Comes with extra buttons and a honeycomb-free backrest. Modular design allows for quick surface changes.
  • Symmetrical body shape will fit the grip of right- and left-handers. White Teflon feet will ensure perfect slip.
  • Kailh GM 8.0 micro-switches under the main buttons with 65 g of pressure force guarantee a pleasant click. The durable design will endure up to 80 million keystrokes without a double-click.
  • The side buttons and DPI switch feature Huano White Dot switches with tactile feedback and accidental-click protection.
  • The wheel is quiet and smooth thanks to the F-Switch encoder.
  • The mouse connects with the included USB receiver.
  • Low power consumption of 500 mAh battery and low weight of the mouse guarantee up to 50 hours of work at the maximum polling frequency of 1000 Hz. Charging is via USB Type-C.