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, author: Ermakova M.

How to organize lighting if there is no electricity

Living in the city, we get used to good lighting and take it for granted. But it is worth going out into nature, as darkness thickens around, and stationary lamps, no matter how many there are, do not solve the problem. There are always dark corners. So, mobile lights are indispensable.

Photo source: GREENWORKS

There are many more situations when an independent light source is needed than it seems at first glance. The flashlight is useful in the garage or garage workshop, hunting and fishing, camping or on a long car trip. But most often a lantern, of course, is needed in the country. So, few people are puzzled by electricity in the garage, but this zone is also used as inventory storage. Searching for a shovel or rake by touch is not the most pleasant experience, and using the headlights of a car (which you will first need to start) for this is at least inconvenient. In fact, there is only one way out - an autonomous lamp.

Also, summer residents do not always conduct light into the gazebo. Outdoor wiring is troublesome and expensive, and few people want to pull the wire across the entire site to connect it to the shield. If you want to sit in the company on a summer evening, again, you can’t do without a lantern.

Photo source: GREENWORKS

The area itself is also constantly in need of illumination. It is simply impossible to install landscape lights everywhere, and therefore, when walking around the site, or even more so walking through the forest at dusk, it is better to take a lighting device with a powerful battery with you. For example, the GREENWORKS G24WL LED flashlight. The duration of its operation in economy mode reaches 4.5 hours! If you make it shine "to its fullest", then it will last 2 hours without charging, which is also very impressive.

Another absolute plus of the GREENWORKS G24WL flashlight is adaptability. The light source rotates 360°, which allows you to direct the beam in any direction. The manufacturer also provided for various installation options, for example, suspension on a hook or belt.

The flashlight is powered by a 24V battery. But, if there is still an electrical outlet nearby, you can use it - the device has a corresponding connector.

Photo source: GREENWORKS

A flashlight is certainly a convenient thing, but it is not very suitable when you need an autonomous stationary light for a long time. Most often, such situations arise during construction or repair work, on hikes and long journeys, as well as in the workshop, in production and, of course, in the country, if you want to gather for barbecue late in the evening. This is where the GREENWORKS 24V LED Battery Mast comes to the rescue. It can be placed on any more or less flat surface, push the rod to the desired height and direct the beam anywhere. The device has four modes (lantern, spotlight, LEDs and all together), and its operation time, depending on the battery capacity, varies from 5 to 18 hours. The weight of the mast is only 3.3 kg, so there will be no problems with carrying.