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, author: Ermakova M.

OpenAI wants to create the perfect humanoid

OpenAI's next move will be to compete in the humanoid robot sector, which is why it has decided to invest in a Norwegian startup called 1X Technologies.

In the world of OpenAI, it's not all about ChatGPT and GPT-4. The company that is on everyone's lips today for its AI developments is also aiming to be part of the humanoid robot revolution. This is evidenced by a recent investment in 1X Technologies, a Norwegian startup developing such devices.

The European firm is one of many that have emerged over the past decade in the robotics sector, which is used to design devices that replicate human characteristics. It was originally called Halodi Robotics but was renamed 1X Technologies last March; and within the same month, it raised over $23 million in an OpenAI-led funding round.

It is not yet known what Sam Altman's startup is aiming for in the field of humanoid robots. However, it is logical to assume that developers intend to use the capabilities of their language models, such as GPT-4, to embed them in a device that can autonomously move around for home tasks or in a work environment.

OpenAI invests in humanoid robot firm

1X Technologies is based in Norway but today has more than 50 employees worldwide. The company, founded in 2014, claims to have developed a "unique drive system" that, combined with artificial intelligence, is already being used in robots sold in the US corporate arena. However, his aspirations are much more ambitious.

The company, funded by OpenAI today, has already demonstrated a humanoid robot called EVA, which is capable of performing various everyday tasks. From picking up items and putting them in a box to opening doors and walking through them. However, it is a design that relies on wheels for mobility, which drastically limits its scenario of action, especially when compared to such developments as Atlas, Boston Dynamics or Elon Musk's Tesla Bot.

However, 1X Technologies plans to make a big leap into the hands of NEO, its next humanoid robot. Its stats and capabilities are still a mystery, but it is at least known to ditch wheels and include legs.

Information that can be critical to understanding what OpenAI's involvement with this startup is is provided in the description of the new Android. According to the company, NEO "will explore how artificial intelligence can transform into a human-like body."