, author: Ermakova M.

Samsung may ditch Google search for the first time in 12 years

According to The New York Times, it appears that Samsung is considering exiting Google and switching to Microsoft Bing as the default web search engine on Galaxy smartphones, prompting a significant backlash from the Mountain View company.

In late March, news broke that the default search engine on Samsung Galaxy smartphones could be fundamentally changed, causing a "panic" at Google, according to US newspaper sources.

This would be a significant change given that Google has always been the default search engine for the vast majority of smartphones, while Microsoft Bing has always been seen as a secondary choice.

However, thanks largely to the progress made by Microsoft in artificial intelligence, the new Bing is starting to represent an increasingly viable alternative, and even smartphone manufacturers are starting to look at it differently and consider introducing it in a more integrated form into their products.

In addition, we are talking about large commercial deals: according to the New York Times, licensing agreements with Samsung cost Google about 3 billion a year, so the potential losses will be significant. It is also for this reason that Alphabet will be investing heavily in AI to try and counter the advance of Bing, which can already count on the significant support provided by ChatGPT-4 advances.