, author: Ermakova M.

Apple Vision Pro Augmented Reality Glasses Launched for $3,499

Apple officially enters the augmented reality glasses industry. The company showed the Apple Vision Pro device.

"Today we will make one of our biggest announcements in history" - Tim Cook began the conference with these words. According to the executive, Apple Vision Pro is "the start of a journey" to offer a new experience. Users will "put on a mobile computer" for work and play.

The corporation has prepared an ultra-modern interface that can be customized to fit your room. Players will customize apps, select the programs they want, and smoothly zoom in windows to add more apps to the room.

The device will read small finger movements to, for example, watch video on Apple TV +, and the hardware will also listen to the voice.

Apple Vision Pro will be supported by Apple EyeSight, and thanks to this technology, people in the same room will be able to see the user's eyes. In addition, you can freely talk with a friend sitting in the same room, watch his movements and at the same time see an email.

Apple has confirmed that the Apple Vision Pro supports more than 100 games from the Apple Arcade library and can be played with PlayStation and Xbox controllers. Each lens delivers 23 million pixels, more than a 4K TV.

The Apple Vision Pro will start at $3,499. The launch is scheduled for early next year.