, author: Ermakova M.

Since August 14, Telegram has enriched itself with "Stories"

The innovation from Pavel Durov found a wide positive response among messenger users.

Photo source: freepik

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Telegram, from August 14, the Stories format became available to users.

Pavel Durov, founder and mastermind of the popular messenger, recently announced the introduction of this feature, which he says will provide users with another convenient way to share moments of their lives.

What is Stories?

For those who aren't already familiar, Stories are short videos or photos that automatically disappear 24 hours after being posted. They allow users to share their moments without cluttering up the main feed. This format became popular thanks to other popular social networks in the world, but quickly became widespread and became available on many other platforms.

Why did Telegram decide to implement Stories?

Telegram has always strived to provide its users with the best communication experience. The introduction of Stories can be another tool to strengthen the community around the platform. It can also help Telegram attract younger audiences that are used to the format on other social networks.

In addition, Telegram already has a channel feature that allows creators and brands to interact with their audience. Perhaps Stories will become another channel for content, providing creators with new opportunities for interaction and monetization.

What does this mean for users?

With the introduction of Stories, Telegram users will have an additional way to express themselves and share their moments with friends and followers. Like other apps, Telegram Stories will likely have editing, filtering, and sticker features to make your story even more interesting and unique. As preliminary marketing research shows, Telegram Stories are very well received by the audience, showing phenomenal involvement of both content authors and interest among its consumers.

New Features

Unlike other social networks and messengers, Telegram Stories make it possible to simultaneously shoot video from two cameras: the main one and the front one. This gives you even more room for creativity and, according to users, is very convenient for podcasts and reports.

In the application itself, you can get statistics on Stories views. In the future, the developers promise to add masks and filters.