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Invention that turns any bike into an electric bike in less than 3 minutes

The American company E-Switchy Bikes offers three different kits to save the bike and turn it into the best form of urban transport.

Photo source: eswitchybikes.com

A conventional bicycle can become an affordable alternative to a traditional car by simply converting it to an electric version.

The American company E-Switchy Bikes offers several different devices to meet the needs of a potential user. From basic wireless kits that install in 3 minutes, to somewhat more complex but also more powerful in terms of their power and autonomy.

One set per bike

The E-Switchy Bikes catalog consists of a total of 3 different kits, specially designed for ease of installation by the user and thus able to "turn your traditional bike into a powerful and eco-friendly electric bike". As explained, the kits are "easy to install and compatible with a wide range of bikes".

All units share some common features such as different throttle settings or pedal assist. They are disc brake compatible, dust and water resistant certified and equipped with an anti-theft tracking system.

The developers opted for an aluminum alloy rim and five intelligent pedal assist modes, which come with an estimated motor life of over 15 years and a battery of over 5. "Only 10% of battery capacity is lost after a 1,000 charge cycle replacement," they point out.

Photo source: eswitchybikes.com

The first kit, the most basic, is called Switch One and is fully integrated into the front wheel of the bike. Of all the options offered, it is the easiest to install: you just need to replace the original wheel with a wheel provided by an American company and connect a small on-board computer mounted on the steering wheel.

E-bike by E-Switchy Bikes

Photo source: eswitchybikes.com

Its maximum speed is 45 kilometers per hour, and the range is 88 kilometers, which is achieved thanks to a 250 W motor integrated with a battery in the same device. For recharging, it is enough to connect the port located on the wheel axle to an electric current. This Switch One kit with a 24" wheel costs 570 euros, to which you need to add the cost of shipping to your country.

E-bike by E-Switchy Bikes

Photo source: eswitchybikes.com

The second device from E-Switchy Bikes corresponds to a model that is fundamentally different from the first. Installation will take 5 minutes, during which the user needs to replace the standard bicycle wheel with the one supplied by the company and connect it to an external bottle-shaped battery. Similarly, you will need to sync the kit with the on-board computer that is included in the kit.

The 250 W motor provides a range of 60 kilometers at a maximum speed of 45 km/h. The peculiarity of this system is that the battery is external and can be removed for charging. Thus, the user will not need to connect the entire bike to the mains, which simplifies everyday operation and provides more flexibility. Its cost is 559 euros (plus shipping).

Most advanced

The last of these, dubbed the Switch Three, offers the longest range of just 120 kilometers, but is also more difficult to install, with an estimated time of 8 minutes. That's because the power bank sits under the bike's saddle in a protective case, and the 250W motor - like its sisters in the line - sits on the front wheel.

E-bike by E-Switchy Bikes

Photo source: eswitchybikes.com

The top speed of 45 kilometers per hour is also maintained compared to other conversion kits.

"During a steep climb, the intelligent assistance system is signaled to increase power," the company says.

This is achieved thanks to the various sensors that are included in the system, which allow the engine to react quickly to provide power to the wheel.

"During the descent, the system sends another signal to turn off the engine and save energy." On level ground, the electric motor also stops immediately when the brakes are applied. Five different performance profiles are categorized into: leisure, exercise, commuting, climbing, and manual. All of them change the characteristics and characteristics of the engine for better battery management.