, author: Ermakova M.

At the intersection of fashion and technology: Galaxy Z Flip5 introduced

In it, Samsung and Maison Margiela combined their best qualities.

The special edition Galaxy Z Flip5 mobile phone combines the technological prowess of the South Korean manufacturer with the iconic design approach of the French fashion house. According to a Samsung representative, the development used a principle similar to that used when creating haute couture clothing models. And all this so that customers “recognize their identity in the device and express it without any restrictions.”

Photo source: Samsung X Maison Margiela

What makes the Galaxy Z Flip5 clamshell model unique is its solid glass body, which allows you to see the inner structure of the Maison Margiela jacket. The translucent effect reveals delicately crafted details that combine technology and fashion.

Photo source: Samsung X Maison Margiela

The phone comes complete with two original cases. One of them, in black leather with embossed logos, expresses Maison Margiela's creative method called "Work-in-Progress". Another with a distinctive design expresses the brand's desire for creativity.