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Samsung Galaxy S24 can be seen in full detail in new leaked images

Galaxy S24 will go on sale with titanium frames, completely flat displays and new colors. This is what the company's new flagships will look like.

Photo source: 123rf.com

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is just around the corner, and the proof of this is the numerous leaks appearing online like this one, which gave us a detailed look at what the Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra will look like. Compared to the previous generation, they will appear with the same design, but with interesting innovations.

The images, published by Windows Report, show the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with a completely flat screen, eliminating the double curvature of the front panel, which, while providing a much more “premium” aesthetic, degraded the quality of the screen in the corners.

Additionally, in previous generations this resulted in possible ghost touches when the user was holding the phone with one hand, so it's good news that Samsung has decided to remove this feature.

Samsung Galaxy

Photo source: windowsreport.com

This is something that was essentially already done last year with the Galaxy S23 and its predecessor; The Galaxy S24 will not only continue the trend, but will also have almost the same design.

All models will be presented in new colors, including black, marble grey, cobalt violet and amber yellow.

Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra: possible specifications

All indications are that the Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra will come with the third generation Snapdragon 8 processor. The company may bet on its own chips in some markets. The Ultra model will also feature the same 6.8-inch QHD+ display as its predecessor. The Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus will feature 6.2-inch and 6.7-inch panels respectively. With QHD+ resolution and 120G refresh rate on all three models


Samsung Galaxy S24

Photo source: windowsreport.com

In terms of battery, the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus are expected to have 4000mAh and 4900mAh capacities respectively. The Galaxy S24 Ultra will have 5000 mAh. There aren't many details about the different models' cameras, except that the Ultra version will include an improved telephoto lens capable of capturing images at 5x optical zoom.

Samsung has not yet confirmed when it will release the new series of smartphones, however, the new Galaxy S24 is expected to be unveiled in early 2024.