, author: Ermakova M.

A new foldable smartphone developed in collaboration

The smartphone, internally codenamed "Honor 911", will be released in a limited edition of 911 units - a clear allusion to the legendary Porsche.

Photo source: Honor

Next January promises to be a significant moment in the world of mobile technology with the expected debut of a new foldable smartphone from Honor, developed in partnership with Porsche Design. Codenamed "Honor 911", this innovative product will be produced in a limited edition of just 911 units, giving it an undeniable sense of exclusivity and significance.

The combination of Porsche's refined style and Honor's cutting-edge technology can make this smartphone especially popular among connoisseurs of unique technological devices and automotive design. This limited production and unique design may affect the device's value on the secondary market, possibly increasing it significantly to several times the device's original cost. This turns the Honor 911 not only into a technological gadget, but also into a potential financial asset.

The choice of the name “Honor 911” for the smartphone is not accidental and is symbolic. The name reflects Honor's desire to pay tribute to the legendary Porsche, whose 911 series remains one of the most iconic in the automotive industry, alongside other iconic brands such as BMW's M Power and Mercedes-Benz's AMG.

The back of the new Honor smartphone is expected to feature Porsche design elements, which will not only increase its recognition, but also give it a special charm and style that matches the prestige and reputation of both brands.