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Xiaomi unveiled a smart eye massager

The Mijia Smart Eye Massager is priced at 449 yuan ($63).

Photo source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi announced the MiJia Smart Eye Massager today on crowdfunding site Youpin. The device, designed to reduce fatigue and relax the user, looks like a virtual reality headset.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Eye Massager: features and cost

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Eye Massager glasses have a minimalistic appearance (but with a futuristic flavor). They have a split design with seven zones and four independent silent air valves. These valves act on eight important points around the eyes. The device adapts to the facial structure, offering a personalized approach to each user.

MiJia Smart Eye Massager.

Photo source: Xiaomi

The device has three levels of massage intensity, and thanks to its special shape and the materials used (eco-friendly synthetic leather), the glasses adapt naturally and comfortably. There is also an adjustable buckle that perfectly fits any head shape.

MiJia Smart Eye Massager

Photo source: Xiaomi

The device is equipped with transparent inserts for better visibility during the procedure. In addition, the design of the glasses is foldable, and they can easily be taken with you on a trip.

The novelty works from a built-in battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh, which is enough for 2.5 hours of work. The noise level of the gadget is less than 50 dB, so you can completely relax. The gadget is charged through the type C port. The device can be controlled through the Xiaomi My Home mobile app, so you can choose the strength and duration of the massage yourself.

The Mijia Smart Eye Massager is priced at 449 yuan, which is equivalent to $63.