, author: Ermakova M.

LG TVs will soon support Chromecast

LG has confirmed that 2022 and 2023 OLED models will receive Chromecast support as part of a WebOS update.

Photo source: 123rf.com

South Korean company LG has confirmed via its FlatpanelsHD portal that all of its OLED models released during 2022 and 2023, as well as those announced during 2024, will be compatible with Chromecast, a technology that has not been available on LG TVs until now .

This means that those users who choose to do so will be able to send content from their mobile phone to their TV using Google's streaming technology. To do this, they simply need to click the "Share Broadcast" button that appears when playing a video, series or movie, and select their TV model.

LG has already used this feature with AirPlay, Apple's content streaming technology. However, this only applies to Apple devices and not mobile phones or other Android-based equipment.

At the moment, we know that the following LG OLED models from 2022 and 2023 will receive Chromecast support: A2, B2, C2, CS, G2 and Z2. In addition, these models will also receive updates for up to four years. This way, they will be able to receive WebOS version 26 since they entered the market with WebOS 22.

Chromecast support isn't the only change on LG TVs

Chromecast compatibility on LG TVs is just one of many new features the company is rolling out in a new update to WebOS, its TV operating system. In fact, the South Korean company has made it clear that the platform will undergo major changes this year.

“In early 2024, the WebOS Re:New program will introduce the latest WebOS update to all models of LG's 2022 OLED TV lineup, LG OLED Flex, LG OLED Objection Collection Posé, as well as LG's 2022 QNED Mini LED 8K (QNED99 series / 95). , promising users a new TV viewing experience for the next five years. In the future, this update will be rolled out to more LG TVs around the world to add more entertainment and versatility to the TV viewing experience around the world.”

The new webOS update also includes a redesign of the interface with new dynamic maps, a special section for switching users, and more. WebOS version 24 will arrive on supported models during these months.