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10 most interesting and bizarre presentations

A language-controlled peripheral, a retro virtual assistant and a ChatGPT-enabled bicycle are on the list of eccentricities.

Photo source: ign.com

“The most powerful technology event in the world” is the promotion of the Consumer Electronics Show, better known by its acronym CES, which took place from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas, USA. As usual at this event, which dates back to 1967, the presentations were varied: it is an exhibition of technology and general products. CES 2024 was no exception: in addition to TVs, computers and other consumer electronics.

Bicycles with voice prompts, a vintage-style virtual assistant, a hands-free makeup application system, unique robots and a device control system using the tongue - we will focus on the eccentricities and curiosities of the CES 2024 exhibition.

R1, a pocket-sized virtual assistant, shined at CES 2024.

Photo source: Rabbit

1. Rabbit R1: pocket assistant.

Las Vegas exhibitors, industry experts and tech geeks all agree that the Rabbit R1 was one of the most pleasant surprises at CES 2024. It's essentially a virtual assistant that runs from a small, retro-style device. It really attracts attention thanks to the bright orange color of the body.

R1 is a handheld device with artificial intelligence capabilities. In practice, it allows you to control applications using voice commands, complementing your mobile phone.

It features a tiny 2.88-inch touchscreen, speakers, and a camera that senses its environment. In addition, an analogue wheel is highlighted, which serves to control its interface, driven by the proprietary Rabbit OS operating system.

The Rabbit product gained popularity and success at an exhibition in the USA. After the commercial debut of the gadget, 10 thousand units were sold in just one day. The demand was overwhelming even for the manufacturer himself.

2. A case that turns your iPhone into a BlackBerry.

While not a household name among the industry's big names, Clicks Technology made a strong presence at the show with a case that adds a physical QWERTY keyboard to the iPhone. Without a doubt, this is one of the highlights of CES 2024.

The case adds a peripheral device that connects to Apple hardware in a plug and play manner. According to the developers of this invention, it helps to maximize screen space. Some of its added benefits: You don't need Bluetooth, and you can charge your equipment—via USB-C or the Lightning port, depending on your iPhone model—without removing the case. In addition, the device has a backlight function. Prices start at $139.

Technical toilet presented at CES 2024.

Photo source: Kohler

3. Toilet compatible with virtual assistants.

The smart home trend is gradually expanding. Technology has penetrated the "holy of holies". An example of this is a new product that Kohler showed off at the recent Consumer Electronics Show. This is a toilet that can understand commands that users speak out loud.

As the manufacturer explained at the presentation, this accessory from its PureWash line is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Additionally, “it provides personalized comfort with heated seats, temperature and water pressure controls, and touchless opening,” the manufacturer says. In particular, the sprayer, dryer and ultraviolet cleaning can be activated by voice.

Electric bicycle with ChatGPT support

Photo source: Urtopia

4. Electric bicycle with ChatGPT support.

E-bikes are undoubtedly one of the most cutting-edge advancements in sustainable mobility. What other innovations can it add? The inclusion of the OpenAI ChatGPT chatbot is a new addition that came as a surprise at CES 2024.

The ChatGPT bike comes courtesy of Urtopia, which co-unveiled its flagship model called the Fusion at an event in Las Vegas. It has a great technology package: 4G connectivity, GPS tracking, fingerprint unlocking and a built-in speaker, plus OpenAI support for hands-free calling features.

In addition to its technology, the Fusion is made of carbon fiber and can reach speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour. Its 540 Wh battery provides a range of up to 120 kilometers. Such was its innovative power that the Fusion received an official CES award in the Sports category.

Silent Mask from Skyted.

Photo source: sypnotix.com

5. Face mask for privacy.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made the world accustomed to wearing face masks. That's why one of the most eccentric presentations at CES 2024 doesn't seem so unusual. The invention is called Silent Mask and was presented in Las Vegas by Skyted.

In parallel with the announcement at the American exhibition, the mask was launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform to raise funds for its commercial production. That is, it has not yet been released to the market. What is it about? Silent Mask was not designed for health protection, but for privacy.

The idea is to have private conversations even in very public places without being overheard by people nearby. For this purpose, the device has a noise reduction system. It connects via Bluetooth to mobile phones and computers. In addition, it has built-in headphone and microphone jacks.

Artificial intelligence cat gate.

Photo source: Flappie

6. Cat gate with artificial intelligence.

Another of CES 2024's eye-catching attractions was spotted at the Swiss Companies Pavilion at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This is a cat gate that uses artificial intelligence. In particular, it determines whether the pet is carrying prey in its mouth, and in this case prevents it from entering the house. In other words: prevents little mice and dead birds from appearing in the living room of the house.

The invention belongs to the young company Flappie, headed by twin brothers Oliver and Denis Wilder. “We want cat owners to finally breathe a sigh of relief without the fear of little 'surprises' on their mats,” the company's website says.

In addition, the gate is capable of detecting chips on animals that have this technology for identification. Thus, the gadget allows only the animal that lives in the house. The offer is complemented by a mobile application that allows you to remotely control this invention. When it goes on sale, it will cost $399.

7. For gamers: Haptic feedback cushion.

When it comes to video games, Razer's Project Esther was one of the most exciting new releases at the Las Vegas show. Gamer chair cushion that provides haptic feedback. This way you will get a better gaming experience. Video game users are accustomed to gamepad vibration. Project Esther aims to take this feature to the next level by replicating the sensation on users' backs. The manufacturer, known for its accessories for gamers, shared some examples. In each case, the pillow reproduces the protagonist's heartbeat or the sensations that occur in the body when shooting a pistol.

It should be noted that the pillow shown at CES is a concept design. Razer has not yet announced when this product will be released. There is also no word on what the asking price will be.


Photo source: Augmental

8. “Mouse” controlled by the tongue.

Control your device using language. This is an offer from Augmental, which at CES 2024 demonstrated to the public its original product called MouthPad. This accessory fits in the mouth and connects to mobile phones, tablets and computers via Bluetooth.

To control the actions on the screen, you need to move your tongue. In this sense, the manufacturer describes this invention as a touch panel that is activated in the mouth. The device is made of resin, which is used to line and protect the mouth. In addition, its battery, which provides approximately five hours of battery life, was created in partnership with a medical implant specialist.

Naturally, their target audience is people with disabilities and mobility problems. Otherwise, it could also be used as an alternative to control the devices that we use on a daily basis.


Photo source: L'Oreal

9. A system that allows you to apply makeup without using your hands.

The famous cosmetics company L'Oreal, which, by the way, was one of those who participated in the introductory conferences of CES 2024, presented an original cosmetic device at the exhibition. HAPTA is an automatic applicator that requires no hands to apply makeup. In a statement, the company explained that the device was designed specifically for people with movement disorders and conditions such as arthritis.

The device is equipped with sensors that allow it to maintain a stable position while applying facial makeup. In addition to HAPTA, L'Oreal introduced the Brow Magic applicator at the Las Vegas show, which uses augmented reality to sculpt eyebrows. To do this, adjust the stroke according to the shape of your face.

Robot Ballie

Photo source: Future

10. Robot Bally.

Spherical, yellow, friendly. This is Ballie, a robot created by Samsung and presented in the halls of the Consumer Electronics Show. Why did we pay attention to him? It just so happens that this little robot has been updated this year to offer features that help users at home. And when we say “users,” we don’t just mean people.

Bally made his first appearance at CES 2020. This time the robot demonstrated its new functions. For example, it now has a system that projects images in 1080p resolution. However, its most important function is assistance through artificial intelligence tools. As we said, it helps both people and pets around the house.

“He is a personal assistant in the home and moves autonomously to perform various tasks. By connecting and controlling home appliances, Ballie can help in a variety of situations by constantly learning users' patterns and habits to provide more intelligent and personalized services," the South Korean company explained.