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Fiction or reality:whether you can leave your cell phone charging overnight

Leaving your cell phone charging overnight harms the battery - this is a common belief among users.

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In the fast-paced world of technology, where cell phones are an indispensable tool for entertainment, work and social networking, many users have a recurring question: is it okay to leave your phone charging overnight?

The battery, an important component that keeps Android or iPhone devices running in the digital world, is the subject of various myths and misconceptions. Basically, it is important to understand that battery care is not only about extending the life of the device, but also optimizing its daily operation.

The daily routine often leads every user to plug in their smartphone before going to bed, regardless of whether this common practice can actually be beneficial or detrimental to the equipment, whether it is low-, mid- or premium-end equipment.

Most modern cell phones are equipped with processors from the world's leading manufacturers - Qualcomm, Mediatek, Exynos or A16 Bionic, they are modern and smart enough to manage battery charging.

When it comes time to plug your device into the charger, keep in mind that it will stop charging when it reaches its maximum capacity, so there is little risk in leaving it on overnight.

Fully charged.

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However, some experts recommend taking your phone out of its case if it's charging for an extended period of time, as this can cause excessive heat and unnecessary damage to the performance of the lithium-ion batteries.

Others explicitly recognize that there's no need to leave it plugged in all night, as smartphones have the necessary software to avoid doing so. Many Motorola, TCL or Xiaomi phones have a fast charging feature, also known as Qualcomm's Quick Charger or, as in Samsung's case, adaptive fast charging.

This type of charging can be realized because the phones have a special code, usually located on a power management IC (PMIC) - which communicates with the charger in use and requests power at a higher voltage.