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How to remove ice from a car windshield

Icing on your windshield is one of the problems that drivers face every winter, so it's important to know how to clean it quickly and properly.

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Freezing of the windshield at sub-zero temperatures is always a problem for drivers, especially when you are in a hurry to get to work in the morning, and then you still need to clean the car.

There are several home tricks to prevent ice from accumulating on your windshield, such as rubbing the glass with a peeled potato or preparing a mixture of water and vinegar and spraying it on the glass, but the simplest and most practical is to cover the windshield with cardboard or a special covering that needs to be attached to the front doors and armrests.

However, sometimes ice buildup on your windshield is unavoidable, so it's important to keep in mind the most effective cleaning methods. Some tips for removing ice from your windshield are to start the engine, turn on the heater, spray the windshield with alcohol, and scrape off the ice with a plastic scraper, among other things.

Starting the engine and heating system

To effectively remove ice from your windshield, the main method is to start the engine and turn on the heater and fan at full power, directing air flow to the windshield. It's best not to wait until the engine warms up before turning on the heater. The air will warm up gradually as the engine temperature rises and the warming up will be without sudden temperature jumps, the glass will warm up smoothly over the entire plane. Sudden changes in temperature can cause glass to crack, especially if it already has chips and cracks.

Spray the windshield with alcohol or a special de-icing liquid

Alcohol is one of the best products to use to remove ice from your windshield because its freezing point is lower than water. If the accumulated layer of ice on the glass is not very thick, spraying it with alcohol may be sufficient. Automotive stores offer a wide variety of special products that effectively remove ice from car windows. If the ice on the windshield is thick, then in addition to spraying special products, you will have to use a scraper to remove the ice.

Scraper for cleaning windshield.

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Scrape ice off windshield

The best option to scrape off ice accumulated on the windshield is to use a special plastic scraper.

Using a plastic scraper (avoid using metallic materials to avoid possible scratches on the glass) in combination with an antitilde application will achieve a quick and effective cleaning. Start at the edges of the glass and work towards the center.

If suddenly you don’t have a plastic scraper at hand, then we use improvised means, for example, you can use any plastic card (preferably useless in case of damage or breakage) or a CD case.

Cleaning windshield wipers

When removing ice from the windshield, do not forget about the windshield wipers. They also need to be de-iced so that they effectively clean the glass while driving.

After removing the ice, turn on the windshield wiper

Use your existing windshield wipers and fluid dispensers after removing ice from your windshield to leave your vehicle completely clean.

Heated windshield

If you are planning to buy a new car and are concerned about the problem of ice on your windshield, you may want to purchase a car with a heated windshield. This way, you can use this mechanism and you won't have to resort to other tricks.

What not to do when removing ice from a windshield

There are several methods of cleaning the windshield, which we strongly do not recommend using, because in practice they can lead to disastrous consequences

  • Do not use hot water to thaw ice stuck to your windshield, as the sudden change in temperature can cause the glass to crack, similar to being hit by a hammer or stone.
  • Do not turn on the wipers to clear ice from the windshield. If the windshield wipers froze during a cold stop, you can easily burn the fuse due to overvoltage, and the wipers themselves will simply fail.
  • Do not use salt or saline solutions to remove ice. Damage to your vehicle and its plastic trim is more than likely due to the corrosiveness of the salt applied to the windshield.