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, author: Sivachenko M.

Nude Megan Fox confused with Kim Kardashian

The celebration of Halloween and the love of plastic brought celebrities together in a common image.

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If the famous American fashion model and actress Megan Fox wanted to somehow highlight during the recent Halloween, then she did it poorly. The celebrity posted herself in a candid image of Princess Zelda from video games online, showing more exposed body parts than she should have. Not recognizing the star in person, many users confused her with another celebrity who loves explicit images - Kim Kardashian. And it's not all about beauty.

Меган Фокс

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As one user wrote, “I thought it was Kim. They have exactly the same plastic surgery. The same pout, chest, and everything else".

“There used to be such a beauty, but now plastic on plastic. Being like a Kardashian is not the best way to change your appearance.” - another commentator supported her.