, author: Ermakova M.

How to make sure that after the New Year "do not sit aground"

We will tell you what needs to be done so that preparation for any holiday brings only joy, and not a headache.

On the eve of the New Year, and other holidays, or just before going shopping during the sales period, you need to make a clear list of what you really need to buy, otherwise you can simply "go bankrupt".

We define goals in order to manage finances correctly.

We prepare for the New Year's feast in advance, and do not grab everything on the last day. The same principle applies to buying gifts for friends and relatives. If everything is done correctly, you will have time to take advantage of various promotions and profitably purchase what you want.

If you come across some suddenly "necessary" product in the store, but it is not on the list, pull yourself together and move away from the counter - unforeseen purchases can seriously empty your wallet.

In order to make a sale a savings tool, it is advisable to know how much the product you need cost before it starts. Only in this case will the purchase of goods be profitable, because there are many cases when the seller deliberately raises the cost of the goods, and then reduces it during the "action".

These simple tips will help you make sure that preparing for the holidays brings only joy, not a headache, because it is so nice to give and receive gifts!