, author: Ermakova M.

Actress Michelle Yeoh named 2022 Icon of the Year

At sixty, the star can give odds to the young both in life and on the screen.

The star of the film "Everything, everywhere and at once" Michelle Yeoh was named the icon of the year according to British Time magazine.

A native of Malaysia, the pride of the entire Asian continent, who managed to conquer Hollywood, the actress, even at her sixty, is constantly included in most ratings of the most beautiful, stylish and slender celebrities on the planet.

Behind the shoulders of the former "Miss Malaysia" there are many roles in action movies, in which a certified ballerina and master of martial arts always performed all the tricks herself.

All this together allowed analysts to name Michelle Yeoh at the top of the current rating as an icon.

By the way, the film "Everything, everywhere and at once" entered as a contender for the "Oscar" in several categories at once. So, it is possible that other awards will soon await the actress.