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, author: Ermakova M.

Jenna Ortega's secret to clear, glowing skin

The 20-year-old actress successfully uses her grandmother's recipe.

In recent weeks, the name of Jenna Ortega has been on the lips of almost everyone. With her starring role in the Netflix hit "Wednesday," the actress gained 20 million social media followers and heavy media attention. They are interested in everything, right down to how she takes care of her skin and gets rid of traces of acne, often found at her age. The solution is a secret drug from the Aztecs themselves, who traditionally lived in South America, where Ortega's ancestors come from.

To combat acne and enlarged pores, Jenna uses bentonite clay extracted from local volcanoes. The special origin has endowed the substance with disinfectant properties that are ideal for regulating sebum secretion. Enriched with calcium, bentonite clay helps to regenerate cells, activating the healing process.

This grandmother's recipe is easy to use. A little water is added to the powder, the mixture is applied directly to the skin and left for 15 minutes. On sale, a cosmetic product can be purchased for 16.50 euros.