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, author: Ermakova M.

Margot Robbie confesses her love for heavy metal

The future celebrity has been crazy about heavy music since her school years.

The star of "Barbie" and "Babylon" Margot Robbie in a recent interview admitted that since her teenage years she adored heavy metal and specifically the band Slipknot.

According to the artist, in those years she dyed her hair black, shaved it and generally dressed like a goth.

When she was cast in the series Neighbors at the age of seventeen, she was initially shy about her musical and life hobbies. And then I found out that many fans of the project turned out to be heavy rock fans themselves and, like Robbie, go to Slipknot concerts.

“It was then that I realized how small our world is. Even when you think that you are not like everyone else, there are still hundreds of people who are addicted to what you are. And after that, you stop feeling lonely, ”said Robbie.

According to the actress, now she has moved away from her former hobbies a little and now she can hardly be called an ardent fan of heavy metal. But, on occasion, she is always ready to listen to a good "strong" composition that reminds her of her dashing youth.