, author: Ermakova M.

The psychologist told what women pay attention to in a relationship

Ladies tend to focus on what men usually do not attach importance to.

The weaker sex is naturally more suspicious. Therefore, women often worry about what men may not pay attention to at all. This difference in worldview was commented on by family psychologist Sofya Sulim.

“Women are so arranged, they are set to equip themselves, their lives and everything around them ... For her, comfort is made up of details. A woman’s emotions depend on details. projects an emotional state," the specialist explains.

So, if there is already some kind of chill in the relationship, then a woman, feeling this, usually begins to control her partner’s mood more, analyze every gesture and word. This is dictated by the desire to protect herself from negative emotions that a woman can plunge into after a hypothetical separation from her lover.

The psychologist explains that such behavior of a lady can "grow" out of a situation in her parental family (parents did not love each other, quarreled, she saw it, and, having matured, she transferred a subconscious fear of close relationships into her life), or from her inability to choose partners - unconsciously, a lady can choose someone who, instead of sensitivity and care, gives her new reasons for worries and doubts.