, author: Ermakova M.

What's Wrong: Women's Mistakes That Don't Get Married

Some features of female behavior scare away potential applicants for a hand and a heart.

How our life develops, including personal life, largely depends on our character and behavior. What can keep a woman away from the prospect of a happy marriage? Let's figure it out with the help of psychologist Yulia Khadartseva.

Indifferent father

Difficult relationship with her father in childhood form a lot of complexes in the girl. If the father did not support, depreciated, offended the daughter and was cold with her, having matured, the girl will begin to look for flaws in all men. After all, if the most important man in her life did not love her, then one should not expect love from others.

Dreams of a prince

Many girls from a young age form in their fantasies a certain image of an ideal companion, for which they then check all the men they meet. As a rule, such girls expect that an ideal, deity-like partner will solve all their problems. But the ideal does not exist, and real men want to see an adult girl / woman next to them, and not a little girl who is not able to bear responsibility for at least some areas of her life on her own.


Women who have experienced psychological trauma can consciously protect themselves from men, showing arrogance towards them, demonstrating their increased self-sufficiency. Men like such women, but the stronger sex does not dare to approach them.

"All by myself"

She is too independent and does not allow others to take care of her or help her. This is a big mistake, because a man does not like to feel worthless in a relationship with a woman.


Such a woman often compares a potential partner with previous ones, usually based on negative experience. For example, if a man did not call back, then he does not need her. After all, that was the case in past relationships. It is important to be able to forget about the past and build relationships from scratch.

Low self-esteem

A woman who does not love herself and is sure that no one needs them broadcasts this belief to a potential partner, while endowing him with super-positive qualities and thinking that she is not worthy of him. It won't strengthen the relationship.

Othello in a skirt

Men really do not like manifestations of jealousy. If jealousy still arises in a relationship, then this is not your man. Well, or the aforementioned low self-esteem makes you doubt your own merits.

Fear of losing freedom

It is important to understand that a healthy relationship between two loving people is not a cage. A sane person will not limit you in anything. Therefore, you should not perceive marriage as a restriction of your freedom.

Fear of responsibility

A woman who is not ready to take responsibility for any component of the future family gives the impression of a psychologically immature person. Hence - bad luck in his personal life.

Mother woman

Sometimes girls confuse themselves with mothers for their men and begin to establish total control over them. It is important to be aware that your man is not a little boy, and you are not his mother, trust him. Trust is the foundation of a happy relationship.