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, author: Ermakova M.

The sexologist explained why women have become excessively strong

The fair sex had to adapt to the realities of modern life.

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Modern women are often reproached for being too masculine, for displaying "typically masculine" character traits - strength, determination, and audacity. Psychotherapist, sexologist Diana Genvarskaya named the reasons why women have ceased to be soft and timid.

“At the beginning of the 20th century, a gigantic revolution took place when a woman had rights. A woman actively began to use them. Most women, in order to adapt to difficult living conditions, because they were initially physically weaker, had to learn how to survive,” the specialist noted, adding that gentlemen are often more carefree and relaxed, because by default they have the right to engage in certain activities, the right to manage certain processes, to be successful. Women are often denied this, so they have to be stronger, fighting for their rights, so it's harder for them to relax. According to the expert, at all times women, manifesting themselves in "male" affairs, were not only on a par with men, but often surpassed them.

Genvarskaya stressed that women feel empowered to dominate the modern world. However, you should not completely abandon femininity in favor of strength.