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, author: Ermakova M.

The stylist called the most trendy hair coloring options

It is better to forget about the once popular shatush. And balayazh, according to the expert, is no longer in trend.

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Spring is a time of renewal. For those who are thinking about coloring their hair, stylist Leonid Romanov gave several recommendations.

He recommended fair-haired women to abandon cold tones, preferring golden, wheaten - slightly lighter than Marilyn Monroe's curls. "Warm blonde looks more natural than cold blonde, so the color will be less obvious," he said.

For brunettes, the stylist advises to pay attention to chocolate shades - both dark and "milky". But too dark shades can make you visually older, because after the cold season, the complexion is usually quite pale. In combination with black hair, the image will turn out to be gloomy, "heavy".

For those who want brightness, but need to follow the dress code, Romanov recommends making several strands bright - if desired, they can be masked by covering them with strands of natural color in the hair.