, author: Plackhin A.

Psychologist explained why men and women have switched roles

More and more women are in managerial positions, and men often take maternity leave.

Feminism is making brisk strides around the world. And even those who do not identify themselves as its adherents are not entirely satisfied with the distribution of social roles. For example, women are increasingly taking on leadership positions, while men are devoting themselves to creativity. Or they leave their jobs to take care of children. Psychologist Alexander Nekrasov-Grom explained why this is the case.

According to him, women consciously give up the role of hearth keeper because for a long time they were not available for everything in which they can realize themselves now - education, science, performing heavy work, leadership positions ...

"We shouldn't forget about the growing trend of the childfree. This can be explained by the fact that previously suppressed and unavailable (education and power) began to come to the fore, and what was the overwhelming factor (family and children), goes into the background and becomes less important for women, "- says the expert.

He notes a large percentage of women who are able and willing to combine the two roles - the proverbial hearth keeper and businesswoman. They are stress-resistant, they can withstand the competition. These traits, probably, were "laid down" in them at a young age: As children, such women often heard from their mother: "You cannot rely on a man. The main thing is to get a higher education."

The specialist stresses that women in power are not an uncommon phenomenon in today's world. And they are chosen by men, indicating an increase in confidence in women from a professional point of view.

Psychologists also note that a woman does not have to inspire and motivate a man.