, author: Ermakova M.

Three tips for reducing allergies at home with a robotic vacuum cleaner

There are more and more allergic people in the world. While there are medications to help manage this, one of the best things you can do is keep your home clean.

With the advent of spring, many people begin to suffer from more or less serious manifestations of allergies. But it's not just this season. More and more people in the world suffer from allergies, including to factors such as pet dander.

In all these cases, the best thing we can do, besides turning to science and medicine to relieve the symptoms, is to always keep our house clean. Robot vacuum cleaner is a good help to protect our body from pollen, mites or mold.

Three tips for reducing allergy levels at home

The first of these is the most obvious: routine cleaning. When we open the windows to ventilate the house, which is recommended by all experts, it is possible that new allergens can get into it. Vacuuming the house every day or every other day at most is the best option to prevent them from spreading around the house.

In this regard, it is better not to touch the tank of the vacuum cleaner when we want to empty it. This is why some robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with an automatic emptying system that prevents the collected waste from re-spreading.

The second point concerns one of the most important things in our home: carpets and is that this is one of the places where dirt accumulates the most, especially for people with allergies. Robotic vacuum cleaners are ideal for vacuuming with high suction power.

The third point is related to filter cleaning, which many people forget about. Many people pay attention to this only when the vacuum cleaner is out of order. It is wrong to not take care of them and keep them clean because the filters are able to capture up to 99% of pollen from the environment, mold, dust mites and cat and dog allergens.