, author: Ermakova M.

Prada launches eco-friendly raffia beach bags

Accessories are designed in soft pastel colors, which is ideal for summer.

The Italian fashion house Prada decided this year to please those who love to relax and sunbathe on the sea. Their tote bags, woven from raffia, a natural fiber obtained from the leaves of the Raphia farinifera palm tree, went on sale. Such material gives the product strength, elasticity and durability.

Capacious and at the same time compact bags with small handles are presented in several colors: straw, light pink and pale green, white and black. On the front side there is a brand name and an image of the logo in the form of embroidery in black or white.

In general, such an accessory creates an impression of lightness and carelessness - what you need when you go to the beach or walk along the streets of the resort town.