, author: Ermakova M.

Peresild admitted that she made a will and farewell letters to children

Yulia Peresild admitted at the premiere of the drama "Challenge" that she was scared to go into space and psychologically difficult.

38-year-old actress of the space drama "Challenge" Yulia Peresild admitted to reporters that thanks to filming in the tape she was able to overcome her main fear.

“It’s not so scary to sit in a rocket as writing farewell letters to your children and signing a will at a notary with your own hand ... My children went through this story very beautifully, like my parents,” the actress said, noting that it was harder for earthly relatives, "than us, sitting in a rocket."

The premiere screening of the drama "Challenge" was held on April 12, 2023 at the "Karo 11 October" cinema. After the premiere of the tape, Julia performed a fragment of the legendary song "Echo of Love".

In addition, the star of the space film noted that in the near future in her life there is no place for roles with tanks, planes and helicopters, and the main desire is to shoot in children's films and films about love.

The Challenge is the first feature film shot in space on the International Space Station.