, author: Ermakova M.

Charles III misses his grandchildren Archie and Lily

The British monarch rarely sees the children of his youngest son, but he still cannot correct the situation.

In the "wave of relief" that swept over Buckingham Palace after the announcement of Prince Harry's arrival for the coronation, sources close to the king claim that he is "saddened by the separation" from grandchildren Archie and Lilibet. On May 6th, when ceremonial events will be held in the UK in honor of the ascension of Charles III to the throne, the kids will be in California with their mother Meghan Markle.

"The whole story with Harry is just incredibly sad," a friend of the king told the Daily Beast. “And (Karl) is also very saddened by the separation from the children. But at least Harry's presence at the coronation is a ray of light. The door was not fully closed." However, according to the interlocutor, Carl is not inclined to feel sorry for himself and is not "mired" in sorrowful thoughts about breaking up with Harry. “He is the king. He has something to do with himself, ”said his friend.

Karl met 3-year-old Archie several times when the Sussexes were still living in the UK, while the British king met one-year-old Lilibet only once, during the visit of Harry and Megan with children to the platinum anniversary of Elizabeth II in June last year. The "very emotional" first meeting "incredibly moved" Carl, the BBC reported at the time.

After talking to the king's friends, one might get the impression that in an ideal world, he would like to be a part of the life of Archie and Lilibet, as well as the lives of Harry and Meghan. The Sun wrote this week: “The King is happy that Harry, his son, whom he calls 'dear boy', will be at Westminster Abbey (for the coronation). He wanted him to come. Sadly, he is very disappointed that he will not be able to see Meghan and the grandchildren, but he understands the situation." As previously reported, the Duchess of Sussex will celebrate Archie's 4th birthday in California on May 6, coinciding with the coronation celebrations in the UK.

Of course, Charles could still see his grandchildren at his coronation if he assigned them a certain role in the procession. Lilibet is unlikely to be able to participate in the celebrations due to her young age, but Archie could well be "useful" as the children of William and Kate, as well as the grandchildren of Camilla, who will all be involved during the celebrations.

Carl's supporters, however, argue that the participation of Harry and Meghan's children in the coronation would be a risk, a reminder of the ongoing family drama, and would overshadow the celebration of a significant day. While critics of the king remind that he himself made the decision to evict Harry and Megan from Frogmore Cottage, depriving them of their residence during trips to the UK. This not only made the Sussexes feel unwelcome, but also made it harder for them to plan visits. Most observers believe that in the coming years it is not worth waiting for the appearance of Megan with children in the country, just as it is unlikely that Karl will visit his grandchildren in Montecito, California.