, author: Plackhin A.

How to keep order in the house with minimum effort

If cleaning your home is a burden for you, with these techniques you'll learn how to clean faster and with better results.

Work, parenting, laundry, cleaning... A lot of worries fall on the shoulders of the modern woman. Is it possible to keep a clean house, spending a minimum of time and effort? Yes it is! We will give you tips, following which your house will always be clean and you will be less tired.

1. Spend a few minutes a day cleaning (don't do marathons).

By cleaning for just 10 minutes a day, you can keep your house sparkling clean and avoid a weekend cleaning spree. The essentials: make the bed, air it out, wipe dust off the mirrors, clean the kitchen, and put out the couch cushions.

2. If something gets dirty, wipe it off immediately.

This rule applies to all rooms in the apartment, and most of all to the kitchen. Have you just had breakfast and only used one cup? Wash it and put it away right away. Otherwise by the end of the day you will have a huge pile of dishes, which have to be washed, and probably with dried-up food waste.

3. Protect the oven when using it

One of the household appliances that is the least fun to clean is the oven. However, there is one very simple trick that makes it easier to clean, and that is to coat it. For example, baking paper, which you will just need to replace with a new one after use.

4. Cover the couch with a cover and have one to spare

The couch is an ideal piece of furniture in any living room, but if we spend a lot of time on it and even eat or dine while sitting on it, it is more than likely that it will eventually get dirty, and cleaning it is certainly difficult. If this is your case, the best way to avoid this problem is to wear a cover and always have a spare in case you have to wash it.

5. Put into practice a 1-minute bathroom care technique

Here's our everyday tip: just use the steam from the shower to easily go over the wet surfaces with a microfiber cloth without using any additional products. You don't need much effort to do it.

A microfiber cloth should be an essential part of your daily housecleaning routine.

6. Clean shower stall lime scale with vinegar

Shower stalls are always clogged with droplets that, if not removed in time, form lime scale on the walls. They can be cleaned with 9% vinegar: dilute it with water in equal parts, apply it to the walls with a spray gun, leave it for 10 minutes, and then wash it off by wiping it dry with a microfiber cloth. To keep shower walls clean, clean them after each use. It's also worth buying a melamine sponge to protect against limescale: it will allow you to avoid using cleaning products and will not leave streaks behind.

7. Use protective devices in the storage drawers

In the drawers, put some storage aids - in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom - so it's easier to keep things clean and dusty, and easier to find things in these organizers.

8. Wipe drips off the sink after each use

When we use the sink, drips fall on the faucet or countertop every now and then, and if we don't dry them right away, they'll turn into some pretty ugly stains. Save yourself the extra work by simply wiping them dry after use with a tissue!

9. Take your shoes off when you enter the house.

Walking around the house in shoes you've worn outside will add to your household chores. In addition, the soles can harbor various viruses and harmful bacteria. To save time on cleaning and create a healthier environment in the house, all you need to do is always take off your shoes at the entrance.

10. Get a robot vacuum cleaner.

A broom is very handy, but it picks up a lot of dust, and it's really hard to pick up all the dirt with it. Without a doubt, it's best to use a robot vacuum cleaner, which, in addition, can be programmed to clean the floors in the apartment at a certain time, or even turn it on at a distance: you will come to a clean house already! If it is not financially possible to buy a robot vacuum cleaner, it is better to clean the floors with a wet mop, so that the dust when cleaning does not rise into the air and does not settle on the surfaces.

To keep your house always clean, remember another rule: if you see a "problem", try to fix it right away. For example, if you go into the bathroom to wash your hands, if you see a dirty mirror - immediately wipe it down, if you see a thing out of place - immediately put it away. If you do not have time to do it right now, make some organizer, in which you can put all the things you found. When you get a minute, just put them in their places.

Keeping your house clean can be fun, you just don't have to leave it to the weekend, you just have to make it seamless!