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Cancer recurrence: oncologist tells what to do to reduce risks

Andrei Kaprin, chief oncologist of the Ministry of Health, told about how to avoid cancer recurrence and start leading a healthy lifestyle without fear.

Cancer recurrence can occur suddenly and be asymptomatic, but it is important to now: there is a pattern. The earlier the disease was diagnosed initially and treatment started, the lower the risk of recurrence in the future. One must learn to identify the signs of a new disease on his own. The chief oncologist of the Ministry of Health, head of the National Medical Research Center (NMRC) of Radiology, RAS academician, practicing surgeon-oncologist Andrei Kaprin told how to do it.

According to the specialist: "In general, the probability of recurrence depends on the form of the tumor process and the histological type of the tumor, the treatment performed, the stage of the disease, and the localization of the tumor.

Signals of recurrence may include:

weight loss
loss of appetite
inflamed lymph nodes

To reduce your risk of getting cancer again, you need to:

See your doctor regularly. Even if nothing is bothering you, regularity in this process is now mandatory for you.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet, getting a healthy, sound sleep, and sticking to your diet will help you reduce your risks.
Sports. Maintaining physical activity is necessary for anyone, especially if you have had cancer not so long ago, as it supports the work of the immune system, which is very affected by chemotherapy, also reduces blood sugar levels, there is a decrease in insulin secretion and decreases tumor growth factor levels.

It is more difficult to treat a recurrence than the original cancer, as it is usually more complex, faster and more aggressive, so remember to visit your doctor regularly and keep an eye on your health.