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Heels like a baby: all about the classic edged pedicure

About the advantages and main features of a trimmed pedicure, Yana Dmitrienko, the manager of the NailMaker Bar salon.

The classic edged pedicure implies that the master in the process of work not only pushes back the cuticle, but cuts it with special tools. First, the legs are steamed, and then the keratinized areas of the skin are removed, at the end, the nails are processed and varnish is applied to them. This option is most often used in salons.

“The classic edged pedicure allows you to get rid of calluses and corns, eliminate excess cuticle and give the nails the desired shape. All manipulations are performed only manually, without the use of special devices. This is the main difference between the classic pedicure. At the request of the client, the nails are treated with gel polish and or regular polish. The procedure takes no more than an hour, during which time you can relax, ”explains Yana Dmitrienko, manager of the NailMaker Bar salon.

How is the procedure?

A qualified master will make a pedicure as comfortable as possible and cope with any type of nails.

The main stages of performing a classic edged pedicure:

- At the preliminary stage, the old coating is removed, this is mainly included in the cost of the service and you do not need to do it yourself at home.

- The specialist treats hands with an antiseptic and puts on disposable gloves.

- On the feet, the master applies an exfoliating composition.

- The nails are filed and squared to prevent ingrowth. The edges are carefully processed.

- Feet are immersed in the bath for 10-20 minutes, aromatic oils with a calming and relaxing effect and disinfectants are added to warm water.

- With a soft towel, the legs are dried, and a disinfectant is applied to them.

- Feet with softened skin are treated with a pumice stone or a special apparatus to remove keratinized areas, corns and calluses.

- A remover is applied to the cuticle, then it is gently pushed back with an orange stick or a metal pusher and trimmed with tweezers.

- The feet are rinsed with cool water and treated with a special brush, then dried thoroughly.

- Nails are polished and covered at the request of the client with ordinary varnish or gel polish, which will last up to 3 weeks.

- A nourishing cream is applied to the legs, and a special oil is applied to the cuticles.

The main advantages of the procedure

The classic edged pedicure has enough of them:

- the result is stored for a long time;

- during the procedure, not only the nails are processed, but the entire foot;

- it does not take much time, the whole session lasts no more than an hour;

- affordable price for the service.

After a pedicure, the client's heels become soft and smooth, there are no areas of rough skin on them, the nails are carefully processed and varnished. Such legs will look good in open shoes and will not need to be embarrassingly hidden.

Although it is believed that a hardware pedicure is more gentle, but the classic one allows any, even the most “neglected” legs, to be brought into shape. In a number of salons, for the comfort of the client, pedicure is complemented by foot massage and exposure to biologically active points. You can also do depilation or paraffin treatment.

Disadvantages of trimmed pedicure

The disadvantages of the procedure include the possibility of injury, as sharp instruments are used. They must be carefully sterilized so as not to infect. Therefore, it is better to do a trimmed pedicure not at the master at home, where disinfection conditions are questionable, but in a salon with a good reputation. All instruments in them undergo a multi-stage cleaning system and are sterilized in special autoclaves.

Most of the devices used in the salon for a classic pedicure are disposable: orange cuticle sticks, pumice stone, finger separators.

Like any procedure, a trimmed pedicure has its own contraindications. It is worth knowing about them in advance to avoid trouble.


- problems with blood clotting;

- oncological diseases;

- fungal infections of nails and skin;

- diabetes;

- hepatitis;

- diseases of the circulatory system.

It is also recommended to abandon trimmed manicure for people with a weakened immune system.

The classic edged pedicure is great as a preliminary preparation before paraffin wraps. Working manually, the master can cope with the most complex defects.

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